Questionnaire about Product Detail Pages

Dear valued customers,

How do you think about product detail pages (e.g. Do you want to say something? Join in this questionnaire and write down your suggestions. Once your ideas are adopted, you will get a 1 to 5 cash coupon. Besides, they will help us to make more progress.

Best wishes,
PandaHall Team

1. How do feel about the design of product detail pages?
2. Is the product information full and accurate on product detail pages?
3. How do you think about images & videos shared by customers in Customer Images & Customer Videos below product images?
4. Will you go to view product detail pages if you find items you want in product list pages (e.g. search result pages, new arrivals list) ?
5. What kinds of product recommendations do you prefer in the bottom of product detail pages? (Multiple Choices)
6. What else do you think should be displayed in product detail pages? (Multiple Choices)
7. Have you got any suggestions about product detail pages? Please write here:
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Thank you very much for your participation!